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Casual all-day dining, delicious food using premium ingredients and great value for money.

Founded in 2015, The Point is a refreshing and inclusive all-day dining concept perfect for busy office workers, families or couples and friends looking for a special dinner. Find our stores in Tsim Sha Tsui, Tseung Kwan O, Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi.


What's The Point?

Gourmet food for everyday people - that's The Point!

Inspired by Hong Kong's unique culinary heritage, The Point combines quality ingredients in inventive ways to serve up innovative pizzas and pastas that delight customers on an everyday basis. 

Using only the choicest seasonal ingredients, we prepare all our dishes lovingly on site. Starting with the finest Italian "00" flour, our signature made-to-order pizzas are proofed for over 24 hours, then topped with prime ingredients such as fresh Italian mozzarella, quality Australian seafood and meats or foie gras from France, and fast-fired in our state-of-the-art stone hearth oven. We also offer a vast selection of pasta, salads and mains that include classic favourites as well as innovative creations drawn from culinary adventures around the world.



為客人帶來優質日常美食 - 這就是 The Point 的宗旨。

The Point 誠意將香港多元的飲食文化配合高質食材,自家製出獨一無二的創意手工比薩和意粉,讓客人隨時都能享受到優質美食。 

The Point 堅持選用上盛時令食材,於餐廳即時新鮮烹調菜餚,為客人提供優質難忘的用餐體驗。The Point 即叫即造的招牌比薩,採用最幼滑的意大利“00 麵粉”製作麵糰,將其發酵超過24小時,再配上上盛餡料如新鮮水牛芝士、澳洲海鮮或肉類、法國鵝肝等,於火山石窯內以高溫快速烤焗而成。餐廳亦取材自世界各地不同的新派美食元素,提供多款意粉、沙律及創新菜色,滿足客人不同口味 。



Our signature Crossover Pizzas harness Hong Kong’s diverse culinary heritage to deliver delightfully unique flavours - from our show-stopping Lobster Pizza with the entire crustacean perching on top, decadent Foie Gras Pizza, to tender juicy Ox Tongue Pizza with smoked mozzarella and barbeque sauce. 

The Point 誠意取材於香港多元的飲食文化,自家製出獨一無二的創意手工披薩,包括配以香茅龍蝦汁的招牌原隻龍蝦披薩 、奢華而不膩的法國鵝肝披薩、肉汁豐富的厚切咸牛舌燒烤醬披薩等。



Starting with premium “00” flour from Italy, our pizzas are proofed for over 24 hours, topped with quality seasonal ingredients and fast-fired to perfection in our state of the art Michelin-worthy stone-hearth oven.

The Point 即叫即造的招牌比薩,採用最幼滑的意大利“00 麵粉”製作麵糰,將其發酵超過24小時,配上上盛餡料,於米芝蓮星廚御用之火山石窯內以高溫快速烤焗而成。


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